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The multifamily choice for radon testing

About Our Multifamily Experience

Extensive experience with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
radon testing requirements

Multifamily Radon staff have extensive experience coordinating and completing multifamily residential radon testing across the United States. Our team has successfully coordinated radon testing at hundreds of multi-family residential properties using the highest level of customer service and responsiveness.

Our niche is multifamily radon testing

Communication is key for Multifamily Radon. We maintain a dialogue with multi-family lenders, borrowers, and property management companies as needed so that the radon testing process is easy for our customers and is successfully completed in a timely manner. We provide efficient and non-intrusive services that work, even for the largest of multi-family residential properties. We are knowledgeable about agency and lender radon testing requirements, and this knowledge and experience will work for you!

We help with tenant notification and coordination

We make it easy by coordinating directly with property management to plan the timing of radon testing. We know how to assist and advise property staff when notifying tenants of upcoming radon testing, and we can equip property staff with information to answer tenant questions about radon testing. Our experience working with multifamily lenders and borrowers means that your radon testing experience will be seamless and easy.

Nationwide Multifamily Radon Testing

Multifamily Radon employs National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) and state certified technicians to provide efficient radon testing services throughout the United States.